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Understanding SD/SDIO/eMMCWhite paper : Understanding SD/SDIO/eMMC

SD/SDIO 3.0 Card ControllerSD/SDIO 3.0 Card Controller

eMMC 4.5 Card Slave ControllereMMC 4.5 Card Slave Controller

MMC Card Slave ControllereMMC/MMC Card Slave Controller

SD 3.0 and eMMC 4.5 Host ControllerSD 3.0 and eMMC 4.5 Host Controller

SDIO/SD Memory/MMC Host ControllerSD/SDIO 2.0 MMC Host Controller

SDIO/SD Memory/MMC Combo Card ControllerSD/SDIO/MMC Combo Card Controller

Compactflash/PCMCIA Host ControllerPCMCIA/CompactFlash Host Adapter

Compactflash/PCMCIA Slave ControllerPCMCIA/CompactFlash Slave Controller

DMA Controller


White paper : Understanding SD/SDIO/eMMC
Understand the different aspects and characteristics of SD and MMC interfaces in order to harness the power of the technology and deploy them wisely into new designs and applications.


SD/SDIO 3.0 Card Controller
The EP563 SD/SDIO 3.0 Card Controller is compatible with SD/SDIO specification 3.0 with 1 and 4 bit data transfer. It also has optional support for MMC 4.2 with 8-bit data width.


eMMC 4.5 Card Slave Controller
The EP568 eMMC/MMC Card Slave Controller IP core provides the simplest way to design a MultiMedia Card (MMC) device that is compatible to the latest MMC 4.5 specification.


eMMC/MMC Card Slave Controller
The EP567 eMMC/MMC Card Slave Controller is compatible with MMC specification 4.41. It supports eMMC and Removable Card with option for SD 3.0 support.


SD 3.0 and eMMC 4.5 Host Controller
The EP553 is a host controller for SD and SDIO 3.0 with options to support the eMMC 4.5 interface. It allows the host CPU of the system to access SD and MMC devices.


SD/SDIO 2.0 MMC Host Controller
The EP550 is a host controller for SD memory card, SDIO and MMC interface. The core connects the host CPU of the system to the SD card socket. External SD cards can be accessed by the host CPU through the EP550 controller core IP.


SD/SDIO/MMC Combo Card Controller
The EP560 SD Slave Controller is designed to reside within an SD memory, SDIO, SD Combo Card or MMC Card. It serves as an interface between the SD bus and user logic that provides the actual function of the card. It is designed to integrate with user logic to make various devices using the SD bus protocol, such as storage or wireless network card.


PCMCIA/CompactFlash Host Adapter
The EP510 CompactFlash controller allows host CPU or other devices residing on the CPU bus to access the PC Card/PCMCIA and CompactFlash cards. It supports all four access types as defined in the PC Card/PCMCIA/CompactFlash standards.


PCMCIA/CompactFlash Slave Controller
The EP513 PCMCIA Card Slave is to be used inside a PCMCIA card. This module interface with the PCMCIA card signals on one side and a user interface on the other side.


DMA Controller
The DMA controller supports multiple DMA channels. Each channel can be programmed to support buffered or direct data transfer. The DMA controller can be integrated with PCI or other bus masters and SDRAM controller to transfer data between memory and IO buses.


UART performs serial-to-parallel conversion on data received from a peripheral device or a MODEM, and parallel-to-serial conversion on data received from the PCU. The EP600 supports both the character mode (16450) and FIFO mode (16550) of operations.