Eureka Technology, Inc.

develops reusable system

level function for ASIC and

system designers.

PCI IP coresPCI Bus Controllers and Peripherals
PCI-X host bridge, PCI-X master/target, PCI master/target, host bridge, PCI-PCI bridge, PCI-ISA bridge, bus arbiter

Peripheral controller IP coresPeripheral Controllers
SD 3.0 card controller, eMMC 4.5 card slave controller, eMMC/MMC card slave controller, SD 3.0/eMMC 4.5 host controller, SDIO/SD Memory/MMC host controller, SDIO/SD Memory/MMC combo card controller, CompactFlash/PCMCIA host adapter, CompactFlash/PCMCIA card slave, DMA controller, UART

Memory controller IP coresMemory Controllers

CPU Interface IP coresCPU Interfaces
AHB bus slave, master, AHB bus to SDRAM controller, AHB bus to DDR SDRAM controller, AHB-PCI bridge, AHB-DMA controller, PowerPC bus slave, master, PowerPC-PCI bridge, arbiter

system level function controllerSystem Controllers
System core logic for PowerPC, I960, ARM, MIPS and SH2/3/3 microprocessors

Eureka Technology develops reusable system level function in the following areas of expertise: bus controllers, memory controllers peripheral controllers, and system controllers.

All products are designed with top-down design methodology, written in Verilog and VHDL high level RTL languages, and are thoroughly verified. These reusable IP cores can be synthesized into every ASIC and most FPGA technologies. Products are available in either netlist or source code format.

The ability to customize IP cores is the key to the success of Eureka Technology’s products. All IP cores can be modified to meet customer specific requirements. Customers are encouraged to discuss their specific functional requirements so that the most optimium solution can be provided. It is the company’s goal to deliver reusable IP cores that can be integrated seamlessly into our customers' designs.

Simple and flexible licensing agreement allows both the customer and company to focus on key engineering issues instead of legal issues. Free evaluation of IP core product is also supported. Please contact Eureka Technology for more detail.